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Thursday, July 7, 2016

Change is Inevitable!

I’ve discovered something about myself, that the older I get, the more I want to resist CHANGE.  I now understand why majority of our older family and friends prefer a routine environment, or prefer to stay in one place; whether it’s where they live, or how they live, or even the means for provision, they end up settling.

Merriam-Webster dictionary defines SETTLE as: a place so as to stay; to sink gradually or to the bottom.

In my new found discovery, and reading the meaning of this word, I don’t think it’s a good idea for me to settle, nor to resist CHANGE.  If I want to continue progressing, continue receiving, continue growing, I have to remain open to CHANGE.  Plants, flowers, and trees have to shed their current status, in the winter times, in order to flourish in the next season.  If you pay attention to the grounds, you notice that growth comes by being planted in the right soil, having the proper maintenance and watering all year long.  God so cleverly designed this world, so that the land will always be taken care of; through the CHANGING of seasons.  How do you think, this world/land would look like today, if when God created it and if He settled and didn’t create the atmosphere to evolve with the CHANGES of the seasons?  I believe we would not have the inheritance of blessings we currently have today.

I’m learning to take each day as it comes and when I find myself in frustration of waiting for something to CHANGE; I tend to evaluate the atmosphere and see where do I NEED TO focus on to bring about the necessary CHANGES, so that I can have God’s abundance.  I’m resisting things I’ve never resisted before.  I’m becoming too complacent with what I currently have.  That’s not good at all, because as a Pastor’s wife, or let’s say Ambassador for Christ, I can’t settle or be complacent.  I have to stay focused on His word and continually remind myself, that my life is not my own, to Him I belong and I HAVE TO give myself away, EVERY DAY! 

If you’re struggling as I am with CHANGE; here are some scriptures that will help you become stronger and remain open to what God has in store for you.

For the month of July, I want you to read these scriptures daily, re-focus your prayers by asking God for guidance, by being obedient to what these scriptures say, and try to catch yourself when you resist CHANGE.  Journal it, and see how you can improve on CHANGING!

Remain In L.O.V.E.!  (Lady Of Value & Elegance)

Lady Kim Taylor

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